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RJS MedTech Inc. is a leading Chinese Medical Consulting Company, who's profession is CFDA(sfda)  registration consulting service and market penetrate in China. We have already successfully assisted different foreign medical manufacturer entering China market. We have local offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and agent in USA.

RJS MedTech Inc. business scope covers medicines, biological products, medical appliances, healthy products, crude drugs , sterilized products, and etc. It provides such services as product research and development, CRO, registration and declaration, technology transfer , the services and consultations of professional policy & technology, the study on market programs & the market , foundation declaration , and the whole course agency for the export and import of medical products for all the customers in the fields.

RJS MedTech Inc. has rich professional resources and powerful technical efficiency, and also has good communications and relationships with national & local administrative management departments , the clinical trial base and the test institution at different levels, as well as the professional technological guidance from the judging commission and specialists. With good brand reputation, we firmly believe that our sincerity can create a promising future.

RJS MedTech Inc. can provide Chinese CFDA(sfda)  registration and CRO services to worldwide clients , including mainland China,  United States, Canada,Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain,  Netherlands, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore,  Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other European, American, Asian countries and regions,

RJS MedTech Inc. is truly the bridge between the East and the West.

Your success in China is our goal!

  Our Business Scope:

1. CFDA(sfda)  Registration Consulting Service;

More For any inquiry, our expert team will carefully and responsibly scheme out the registration schedule, meanwhile the approximate cost for your reference. Experts will be separately appointed to compose your product technical standard and arrange the sample testing as the required by CFDA(sfda) . Basing on strict quality control, we make the documents more qualified, as well as make the appliance easier to pass the inspection of CFDA(sfda)  officials.

2. Regulatory consulting for import medical device, cosmetic, pharmaceutical;

 More We focus on the medical products accessing into China market, help to evoluate medical market in China, meanwhile provide related service for you.

 3. Medical Documents Translation;

More RJS's highly qualified translators include those with Master degrees and Ph.D.'s in pharmacology, medicine and engineering area. Most of them have translated amount of documents from English, Japanese, German, Korean, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish into Chinese.

4. Medical Device Distribution and Technical Support;

More Until now, we've help some manufac rers' find their exclusive dealer, built sales net work and start sales training work in China.

5. Medical Device Sourcing Business;

To help the domestic manufacturers aboard the overseas market, we act as the bridge to make them build up the business relationship with foreign manufacturers or local distributors.


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  • Pharmaceutical packaging material and container register certificate (China CFDA approval license)
  • Pharmaceutical Excipient license(China CFDA registration certificate)
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  • Pharmaceutical Excipient Export to China Process
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  • Medical Device SFDA Registration Procedrue Flow Chart
  • Introduce of China Medical Devices Market
  • Phases and Time of Medical Devices SFDA Registration
  • Which Medical Devices require to Clinical Trial before SFDA approval
  • SFDA Medical Devices Classification
  • Requisite data of Medical Device SFDA Registration
  • Requisite data of Medical Device SFDA Re-Registration

  • Cost and Time for IVD China CFDA Registration
  • Clinical trial requirements for IVD China CFDA Approval
  • Sample requirements for IVD Type test of China CFDA Registration
  • Application Dossiers of China CFDA (SFDA) Approval for IVD Products
  • China will be the Second Largest IVD Market by 2017
  • Related Laws and Regulations about IVD Approval in China
  • Classification of In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents(IVD) in China
  • IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) in China

  •     Healhy Food Supplement Register More>>     China CFDA(sfda) Regulations More>>

  • china import health food supplement register certificate(CFDA approval license)
  • SFDA Registration cost and timetable for Nutritional supplements(Dietary supplements)
  • SFDA Registration expense and timetable for Healthy food
  • Required Documents of Health food SFDA Registration
  • The definition of health food products in China
  • 27 Categories of health functions claims approved by SFDA
  • Health Food SFDA Registration Process
  • Test items for Health Food SFDA Registration

  • Why not to choose the distributor as your SFDA legal representative agent
  • Drug Administration Law of China
  • Regulations for Implementation of the Drug Administration Law of China
  • Regulations for the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices
  • Regulations on Administrative Protection for Pharmaceuticals
  • Provisions for Drug Insert Sheets and Labels
  • Provisions for Medical Device Classification
  • Special Review and Approval Procedure for Drug Registration of SFDA

  •     Cosmetics CFDA Registration More>>     Disinfectant Products MOH register More>>

  • China import cosmetics registration license(CFDA approval certificate)
  • SFDA Registration expense and timetable for Special purpose Cosmetics
  • SFDA Registration cost and timetable for General Cosmetics
  • The toxicology test items for new cosmetics raw material of SFDA require
  • New Cosmetics Raw Material SFDA Registration charge and timetable
  • The request of cosmetics product formula china SFDA submission
  • How to declare for multi-color series of general imported cosmetics?
  • How to apply Chinese label for imported cosmetics?

  • China NHFPC (MOH) Hygiene license certificate for Disinfectant & Disinfection device registration
  • Cost and Time for disinfectant China NHFPC(MOH) Approval
  • Application documents for disinfectant China NHFPC(MOH) register
  • Procedures of disinfection Products NHFPC (MOH) Registration
  • Disinfectant test items for china NHFPC(MOH) Registration
  • Our Services for disinfectant NHFPC(MOH) registration?
  • What disinfectants export to china need NHFPC(MOH) registration?
  • What disinfection products export to china need NHFPC(MOH) register?

  •     China Clinical Trial CRO Service More>>     Dairy Products AQSIQ Register More>>

  • CRO & Clinical Trials Services in China
  • Pre-clinical Research Services
  • Clinical Trials in China
  • Medical Documents Translation Service
  • Benefits of INDEPENDENT regulatory representation
  • Main Responsibilities of the SFDA
  • Introduce of China SFDA
  • Introduce of RJS Medical Technology Inc.

  • Cost and Time for Dairy Products China CFDA AQSIQ Approval
  • What application documents for Dairy Food China AQSIQ register?
  • Dairy Products Subsequent Import to China,CIQ test itmes
  • Dairy Products Import to China Procedure Flowchart
  • The supervision and management regulation of imported and exported dairy products of China
  • Foreign Dairy Products china AQSIQ registration

  •     Pet Food MOA registration More>>     Other China Import License More>>

  • Pet Food (feed) china MOA License Sample
  • Pet food china MOA approval flow
  • Pet Food China MOA register Procedure
  • Application Dossiers requirements for Pet Food China MOA register
  • Our Services for Pet Food China MOA register
  • What kind of Pet Food need MOA registration in China?
  • Introduce of Pet Food China MOA register




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