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China CFDA Permitted Food Additives Search Analysis System
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All foreign food facility and exporter need AQSIQ register; Prepackaged food need CIQ chinese label filing; Special food need CFDA registration, such as Dietary Supplements (Health food), Infant formula, FSMP etc. Animal Feed (Inc Dog,Cat food), GMO need MOA register; Diary,Meat,Aquatic products manufacturer need CNCA registration; And all food ingredients should be the CFDA permitted ingredients, food products quality need meet the requirements of Food Safety GB standards.
  •  China CFDA Permitted Food Additives :p
  • Code Food Additive Name Additive Chinese Name Source Function Content Limit %
    2858 Phenethyl alcohol 苯乙醇 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2885 Phenylpropyl alcohol 苯丙醇 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3139 p, α-Dimethylbenzyl alcohol 对,α-二甲基苄醇 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2933 p-Isopropylbenzyl alcohol 对-异丙基苄醇 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3242 p, α, α-Trimethylbenzyl alcohol 对,α,α-三甲基苄醇 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2664 Perilla alcohol 紫苏醇 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3563 p-Menth-3-en-1-ol 对-[艹孟]-3-烯-1-醇(又名对-3-薄荷烯-1-醇) Synthetic Food Flavor
    2681 p-Cresyl methyl ether 对-甲酚甲醚 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2337 p-Cresol 对-甲酚 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3223 Phenol 苯酚 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3156 p-Ethylphenol 对-乙基苯酚 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2386 p-Dimethoxybenzene 对-二甲氧基苯 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3739 p-Vinylphenol 对-乙烯基苯酚 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2923 Propionaldehyde 丙醛 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3091 Peach aldehyde (γ-Undecalactone) 桃醛(又名γ-十一烷内酯) Synthetic Food Flavor
    2670 p-Anisaldehyde 大茴香醛 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2874 Phenylacetaldehyde 苯乙醛 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2876 Phenylacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal 苯乙醛二甲缩醛 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2887 Phenylpropyl aldehyde (3-Phenylpropionaldehyde) 苯丙醛(又名3-苯基丙醛) Synthetic Food Flavor
    3557 Perillaldehyde 紫苏醛 Synthetic Food Flavor
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