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Classes of Import Cosmetics in China

Import normal cosmetics are divided into 5 classes

1.Hair products
2.Manicure/pedicure products
3.Skin care products
4.Perfume products

Import special function cosmetics are divided into 9 classes.

1?¡éGrow hair products *
2?¡éBody building products *
3?¡éBeautify breast variety *
4?¡éHair dye variety
5?¡éPerm variety *
6?¡éSun block variety #
7?¡éDeodorization variety #
8?¡éAnti-freckle variety #
9?¡éDepilation variety #
   the items above marked with ?¡ã*?¡À need been did human body use experimentally test , marked with ?¡ã#?¡À need been did human body's skin test.
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