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China CFDA Permitted Food Additives Search Analysis System
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All foreign food facility and exporter need AQSIQ register; Prepackaged food need CIQ chinese label filing; Special food need CFDA registration, such as Dietary Supplements (Health food), Infant formula, FSMP etc. Animal Feed (Inc Dog,Cat food), GMO need MOA register; Diary,Meat,Aquatic products manufacturer need CNCA registration; And all food ingredients should be the CFDA permitted ingredients, food products quality need meet the requirements of Food Safety GB standards.
  •  China CFDA Permitted Food Additives :t
  • Code Food Additive Name Additive Chinese Name Source Function Content Limit %
    3379 trans-2-Nonen-1-ol 反式-2-壬烯-1-醇 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2391 Tetrahydrogeraniol 四氢香叶醇 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3066 Thymol 百里香酚 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3429 trans,trans-2,4-Hexadienal 反式,反式-2,4-己二烯醛 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3165 trans-2-Heptenal 反式-2-庚烯醛 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3721 trans,trans-2,4-Octadienal 反式,反式-2,4-辛二烯醛 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3466 trans,trans-2,6-Octadienal 反式,反式-2,6-辛二烯醛 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2763 Tetradecyl aldehyde 十四醛 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3068 Tolualdehydes(mixed o, m, p) 甲基苯甲醛(邻、对、间位混合物) Synthetic Food Flavor
    3670 trans,trans-2,4-Dodecadienal 反式,反式-2,4-十二碳二烯醛 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3169 trans-2-Hexenoic acid 反式-2-己烯酸 Synthetic Food Flavor
    2764 Tetradecanoic acid (Myristic acid) 十四酸(又名肉豆蔻酸) Synthetic Food Flavor
    3599 Tiglic acid 惕各酸 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3047 Terpinyl acetate 乙酸松油酯 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3083 Triethyl citrate 柠檬酸三乙酯 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3983 trans-2-Hexenyl hexanoate 己酸反式-2-己烯酯 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3050 Terpinyl isobutyrate 异丁酸松油酯 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3046 Terpinolene 异松油烯 Synthetic Food Flavor
    3774 Theaspirane [2,6,10,10-Tetramethyl-1-oxaspiro(4,5)-dec-6-ene] 茶螺烷[又名1-氧杂螺-(4,5)-2,6,10,10-四甲基-6-癸烯] Synthetic Food Flavor
    3241 Trimethylamine 三甲基胺 Synthetic Food Flavor
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